Spring Fever

posted: by: Dr. K. Buchanan Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

          Spring is here?!?!?  As the days get longer and the out of doors gets more inviting, humans and animals alike are prone to spring fever.  Take care with your pets, that no one goes on an unforeseen "walkabout" with doors (and windows) getting opened.  We recommend microchips (an implanted form of ID) on any pets that go outside & especially those that might be tempted to wander--ask us about them!  Spring "hazards" to watch for include increased vehicular traffic, equipment used for yard , garden, and general repair work, and re-emergence of wildlife "critters"---any of these things could be intimidating or downright harmful to your furry friends, so be aware & be prepared.  This lovely season also can bring with it more than it's fair share of allergens.  Pollen, dust, molds, and even other animals can all be sources of allergy agony for our pets (not to mention many of us!).  If you are noticing any signs of itching, rashes, ear infections, runny eyes, coughs, or sneezing, you might be seeing allergies at work; have us take a look so we can get your friends some relief.  Speaking of itching, it's also prime tick season, and the beginning of flea season--if you're not already using a preventative product, start now!  Same goes for monthly heartworm prevention, don't wait to see a mosquito, we all know those sneaky pests are out even if we don't directly see them!

Enjoy the energy of the season!!