Awesome Autumn

posted: by: K. Buchanan Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

          Things in the world may seem to be going CRAZY, but the changing of the seasons is something we can always count on!

 It's a great time to head outdoors with our furry friends! However, remember that this is PRIME flea and tick season, so be sure you have a product on your pet to help control these pests.  Also, be careful with your pets around garden tools and supplies.  They may like the idea of "helping" around the yard, but many products and implements can be harmful, so always keep your friend supervised and check the warnings on all products.  Also, be aware of "wanderers"--animals that may be exploring an open shed or garage and get accidentally locked in!

Safety should always be a consideration for fall bonfires, parties and holidays, as well!  Tricks and treats are all fun and games until someone gets frightened and harms themselves or others, or potentially eats themselves into a dangerous situation.  Be mindful of our animal companions, just because they dealt with things last year, does not mean they will this year.

Lastly, be aware of hunting season and areas where hunting may be occurring.  Best to avoid these locations, but if not possible, make yourself, and your pet well known & visible!!

Enjoy this glorious season! As always, don't hesitate to call us with any problems or questions!